Original programming that makes all the difference

The programming at The Madeline is what truly sets us apart from any other community. Our complete dedication to those with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and memory loss means that residents receive programming based on their individual needs 24 hours a day.

Our programming humanizes activities and schedules using a one-of-a-kind approach we call “Therapeutic Simplicity.” Since there is no single solution to memory care, Therapeutic Simplicity incorporates a combination of several notable memory care systems used in other communities across the world, taking the most effective aspects of each and applying them to our daily activities. In other words, your loved ones are receiving the best of the best.

Based on thorough research and best practices, our methodology is completely achievable and feasible on an everyday basis for both staff and families.

Well-rounded programming areas

Therapeutic Simplicity addresses seven specific areas in our daily activities to account for residents’ unique needs. Each activity is coded according to programing area, making it easy to identify what programming area is being addressed at all times.









A detailed schedule

For each resident, we create a personalized schedule with a full docket of daily events. Every activity at The Madeline is associated with a programming area to account for all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

As a family member, you’ll also receive a copy of this itinerary so you know what your loved ones will be up to at any point in time. This active participation in the community provides a sense of meaning for residents and families alike.


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